Hatta Heritage Village


If you’ve ever wondered what an Emirati village was like years ago, a trip to Hatta Heritage Village is sure to cure your curiosity.

The village, restored in 2001, is one of the oldest in the emirate. Step back in time to discover the magnificent Hatta Heritage Village among the reconstructed buildings.

If you want to see what original villages in Dubai were like – take a look around here. Most of it is made from the same materials that comprised the originals, including the two watchtowers, the fort, and mosque.

Among the historical sites, you can step inside the local ruler’s house, known as ‘Bait Al Wali’. For a look into traditional life and culture of the time period, the artifacts like instruments, weapons, furnishings and more will give you some insight.

Nearby, you’ll find the Al Sharia Site, a palm tree farm which is home to the falaj, the underground irrigation systems created for local farms.

  • Telephone: +971 4 852 1374
  • Email: info@dubaiculture.ae
  • Metro stations: You can reach the location through the Al Fahidi Metro Station nearby
  • Parking areas: Free parking area is available close to the neighbourhood.